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10 tips for sellers

Last week we have provided useful tips for buying items on gruuna. This week we will look at useful pointers for selling goods quicker and more effectively on gruuna:

1. A precise and short description is always helpful for an improved presentation of your products. An interesting item name, information about the condition of the products or about special offers will promote your articles even more.

2.  Properties of the items are crucial for many viewers. Special properties should be evident right away. The more detailed your item template selected in step 1 is, the more properties will be suggested to you in step 2.

3. Activate the option for price offers. Some customers prefer negotiating the price before buying the product. This function can be used for offering prices without you being forced to accept these offers.

4. Shipping and loading is a determining factor in purchase decisions for many buyers. Provide detailed information whether the goods will be transported by the buyer or you. In addition to transport costs, loading techniques can be indicated as well.

5. International trade the easy way. Offer your products abroad and address a widened circle of customers without any additional costs. Make sure to adjust your delivery expenses to the price when entering your items.

6. Set up your own Shop on gruuna free of charge. Your items can be entered individually or in large batches using a CSV file.

7. Our Customer Service is at your disposal: We will assist you in entering items or in setting up your shop. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm at +49 371 3371 7193.

8. You have your own Terms and Conditions? You can use these when entering your items. If you would not like to use your own Terms and Conditions, feel free to use the gruuna Terms and Conditions, which have been specially designed for Internet trade. You can still use your own Place of Jurisdiction.

9.  Our telephone notification service is a special benefit for both trade partners. Knowing that you cannot sit in front of the PC for 24 hours to observe your trade, we will inform you upon request about all events occurring in your trade process.

10. Your buyer has not contacted you after the purchase had been concluded and payments have not been met? When using the option “Trade safely” a commercial credit insurance, transport insurance and – from a special item value on – a legal costs insurance are being included, and verified customers can then pay on invoice.

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