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10 tips for buyers on gruuna

Almost anything required in agriculture is permanently being offered on  - extensively more than in any agricultural dealership. When following a few tips, the bargain is yours.

1. Along with the option of browsing, use the search field on gruuna to find your items. By this means also misspelled items can be found.

2. Read the additional information: Item descriptions provide details about the condition of an item (used, new) or about the payment terms.

3. An experienced seller should always stay in contact with (potential) buyers, also after an auction has been completed. Communication plays a vital role in the entire trade.

4. How to proceed with questions? Courtesy is essential to e-mails. After all, the counter party has to be convinced to answer the question.

5. Often unknown: gruuna-customer service not only offers a Call-back service, but provides support during registration, log in and navigating on gruuna.

6. Also applicable for purchases: Protect yourself. Activate “Trade safely” for purchases as well to warrant smooth trade. When responding to offers with the “Trade safely” option activated, you can rest assured about the seller’s good intentions.

7. Use price offers: A price offer enables you to obtain an item at a more favourable price. In case you are not happy about the price of an interesting item, you can provide up to three price offers to the seller. When searching on gruuna actively, price offers may attract more sellers.

8. Offer to pick the goods up, if possible: When entering a tender or a fixed-price purchase, offer to collect the items within a specified geographic radius or country.

9. An active purchase request can be entered as cross-border trade, which may increase the amount of possible sellers. As you can decide about the details of delivery, uncertainties can be excluded from the beginning on.

10. Apply for a limit. Your company is then permitted to pay on invoice up to a specified limit when using the option “Trade safely”. Along with receiving the goods, the seller’s  confidence in you will increase.

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