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Help from the front line

“Please hold the line and the next available operator will take your call.” We all have experienced that message without really liking it. Calling customer service is never as quick as planned. Even the strongest person can quickly despair when confronted with long waiting loops and numerous contact persons. From the beginning on, gruuna has paid special attention to remove these barriers – now resulting in an additional contact option.

When scrolling over the gruuna page,  you can now see a little pop-up with the option “Chat now”, meaning that you can directly write to us. From Monday to Friday from 7 am until 6 pm customer service staff will assist you in German, English or Polish. This chat between you and gruuna is live, meaning that inquiries are being answered immediately.

What’s so awesome about it? The chat with our representative continues even while you are browsing through the gruuna site looking for products or entering items. Whether finding your way through registration on gruuna or entering offers or purchase requests, there are no bounds regarding your questions. The conversation remains active until all your questions have been answered and you are ready to close the chat. Fell free to visit us; we look forward to welcoming you on gruuna!

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