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First international trade show participation

Almost 40 years ago Vicky and Theo went to Lodz in Poland. Although four gruuna members will travel through this town next month, their destination will be a little farther to the east: Kielce. From 16 to 18 March the trade show Agrotech will have its gates opened there. Being one of the largest exhibitions of the country, Agrotech is a magnet attracting audiences interested in agricultural technology from across Europe.

Last year exhibitors from 16 countries followed the invitation to introduce their products in this Polish town and also used the opportunity to glace over the shoulders of each other. Trade shows are of immense importance for producers to meet and, thereafter, fill their order books. But, it’s not always mandatory to travel across the globe to establish new contacts and strike good deals. gruuna will show all participants how the internet can be used for establishing a distribution network at the computer in one’s office. Visitors can gain insight into the way gruuna works at notebooks set up at the stand. Our representatives at the exhibition look forward to lending helping hands and support to ascertain that all options can be explored from scrolling through the platform to simulating how to enter items and trade on the portal.

Those wishing to experience gruuna first hand are welcome to visit us.

Of course, we will keep you posted about  the site details of our booth.

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